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Testimonial The JPL Design Group has always delivered on schedule and on budget. In over 20 years of working together on projects large and small, we’ve found that the plans JPL prepares are always buildable and coordinated. We highly recommend their CAD services!”

Frank Ambrosino
Ambrosino Architects

Why Choose JPL Design?
When you hire JPL Design you’re not only getting a proven track record of CAD expertise, you’re selecting professionals with almost three decades of experience in building commercial and residential projects. Our extensive construction knowledge enables us to help clients avoid those often-unforeseen conflicts in the design and detailing stages. This saves you from wasting time, money and energy spent redrawing and in unnecessary field visits to work out details that should have been resolved in the initial drawings.
How We Work
JPL is a streamlined, efficient operation. Unlike our competitors, our process doesn’t include cumbersome layers of different architects and engineers complicating communication and increasing the potential for errors. At JPL, we don’t hand off your work to a series of inexperienced drafts people. As our client, you’ll work with one professional point of contact within JPL. Your project will be handled by a senior expert, a highly qualified and well established professional who’s sole focus is to get the job done right.

JPL is a full-scale shop, and we can assist with any stage of a project, from the concept/program phases, through the construction document stage. We will tackle any portion of a project and manage it completely, including coordinating it with all other aspects of the job.

Regardless of the role we play, our practice hinges on a refined ability to effectively communicate with the client. We ask clients to identify a single gatekeeper to traffic communication during all phases of the project. We work mostly by phone and email because we’ve found these to be fastest ways to share information. When necessary, JPL collaborates with clients via online drawing. Our clients include architects, builders and subcontractors.Pricing
JPL offers highly competitive pricing. We normally do not charge by the sheet or by the hour. Instead we propose a comprehensive single lump-sum fee at the outset of the project. This allows the client to accurately assess costs and profit for the CD phase of the project. We provide a detailed cost breakdown for your project outlining all sheets that will be created for your set. Not all projects are the same. Lump-sum pricing allows us to accommodate for differences in a given project, while still offering the client excellent value for money.
Questions and Answers
Q: How do you charge for your services?
Generally, JPL charges a lump-sum fee based on the parameters of the project. Occasionally, we will execute smaller projects on an hourly rate if the client prefers.

Q: What steps do you take to ensure the drawings will look like they came from our office?
We use client-supplied title block and template files, including plot styles, fonts and layer configurations.

Q: How can we see the progress you’re making?
JPL provides clients with PDF files on a daily basis, or when files are ready for review and redlining. We constantly check with the client to ensure we’re moving forward on the right path at all times. We also send clients complete weekly progress plans every Friday.

Q: How do you transfer drawings back and forth?
We can upload files to your FTP site, or send them through our Internet service for you to download.

Q: What are the charges for changes?
Minor changes such as tweaking dimensions and in-process changes such as alterations in redline are included in the baseline project fee. Other design changes would be invoiced per our rate schedule.

Q: How do you review and discuss the project so you understand the assignment, when the client is far away?
We meet local clients in person, but in the case of long-distance clients, we ask for hard copies of the design drawings and then review internally until we’re sure we understand the mission. We then schedule a call to the client’s project manager or architect to discuss the project in detail. We can also have plans scanned and posted online, for an online meeting if necessary. Lastly, larger projects sometimes require an in-person meeting; in which case the traveling cost would be charged to the client.