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Private AutoCAD Training
Learn fundamental knowledge and skill to create and complete basic 2D drawings with AutoCAD®. Use drawing and editing tools, adding text and basic dimensions and plotting.

Creating a drawing: Starting the program; screen layout; command prompts and the keyboard; opening existing drawing file; workspace; drawing lines; lines with polar tracking; rectangles; circles; viewing; walls; windows; doors blocks; saving

Editing/modifying a drawing: Selecting objects; erasing; undo/redo; moving; copying; rotating; scaling; trim; extend; stretch; fillet; chamfer; offsetting; mirroring

Dimensioning and annotating your drawing: Adding and formatting multiline text; hatching; dimensioning concepts and tools; editing dimensions and selecting styles

Drawing organization and information: Layers; arcs; polylines; measuring distances and areas; object snap; polar tracking; snap tracking; drawing with snap and grid

Productivity tools: Advanced object selection; additional layer tools; quick select; grips; entry; locating points with tracking; construction lines; reference points

Preparing to print: Printing concepts; working in layouts; creating new layouts; copying layouts; guidelines for layouts; plot command; plot preview

Who should attend these sessions?
Anyone who plans to become a regular CAD user and needs the fundamental skills to create, edit and dimension CAD drawings. These private sessions are ideal for those new to AutoCAD® or those who have not used the software for a few years and don’t want to sit in a classroom. No previous CAD experience is necessary. Some familiarity with Windows 2000 or WindowsXP, some drafting, design or engineering experience may be helpful, but is not required.

We also offer basic fundamentals for Revit Architecture 2012
We would cover these items.
• The basics of Revit®
• Creating views of the model
• Setting up levels and grids
• Creating walls, floors, ceilings, roofs
• Creating stairs, railings, ramps
• Adding components to the model
• Making design changes
• Creating and printing sheets
• Adding annotations and detailing a sheet